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St. Anthony of Padua is one of the most famous disciples of St. Francis of Assisi. He was a famous preacher and worker of miracles in his own day, and throughout the eight centuries since his death he has so generously come to the assistance of the faithful who invoke him, that he is known throughout the world.
St. Anthony's Youth & Conversion

St. Anthony was born in the year 1195 A. D. at Lisbon (Portugal) where his father was a captain in the royal army. Already at the age of fifteen years, he had entered the Congregation of Canons Regular of St. Augustine and devoted himself with great earnestness both to study and to the practice of piety in the Monastery at Coimbra (Portugal).

About that time some of the first members of the Order of Friars Minor, which St. Francis has founded in 1206 A. D. came to Coimbra. They begged from the Canons Regular a small and very poor place, from which by their evangelical poverty and simplicity they edified everyone in the region. Then in 1219 A. D. some of these friars, moved by divine inspiration, went as missionaries to preach the Gospel of Christ to the inhabitants of Morocco. There they were brutally martyred for the Faith. Some Christian merchants succeeded in recovering their remains; and so brought their relics in triumph back to Coimbra.

The relics of St. Bernard and companions, the first martyrs of the Franciscan Order, seized St. Anthony with an intense desire to suffer martyrdom in a like manner. So moved by their heroic example he repeatedly begged and petitioned his superiors to be given leave to join the Franciscan Order. In the quiet little Franciscan convent at Coimbra he received a friendly reception, and in the same year his earnest wish to be sent to the missions in Africa was fulfilled.

St. Anthony's Arrival in Italy

But God had decreed otherwise. And so, St. Anthony scarcely set foot on African soil when he was seized with a grievous illness. Even after recovering from it, he was so weak that, resigning himself to the will of God, he boarded a boat back to Portugal. Unexpectedly a storm came upon them and drove the ship to the east where it found refuge on coast of Sicily. St. Anthony was greeted and given shelter by the Franciscans of that island, and thus came to be sent to Assisi, where the general chapter of the Order was held in May, 1221 A. D..

Since he still looked weak and sickly, and gave no evidence of his scholarship, no one paid any attention to the stranger until Father Gratian, the Provincial of friars living in the region of Romagna (Italy), had compassion on him and sent him to the quiet little convent near Forli (also in Italy). There St. Anthony remained nine months as chaplain to the hermits, occupied in the lowliest duties of the kitchen and convent, and to his heart's content he practiced interior as well as exterior mortification.

St. Anthony, Preacher and Teacher

But the hidden jewel was soon to appear in all its brilliance. For the occasion of a ceremony of ordination some of the hermits along with St. Anthony were sent to the town of Forli. Before the ceremony was to begin, however, it was announced that the priest who was to give the sermon had fallen sick. The local superior, to avert the embarrassment of the moment, quickly asked the friars in attendance to volunteer. Each excused himself, saying that he was not prepared, until finally, St. Anthony was asked to give it. When he too, excused himself in a most humble manner, his superior ordered him by virtue of the vow of obedience to give the sermon. St. Anthony began to speak in a very reserved manner; but soon holy animation seized him, and he spoke with such eloquence, learning and unction that everybody was fairly amazed.

When St. Francis was informed of the event, he gave St. Anthony the mission to preach throughout Italy. At the request of the brethren, St. Anthony was later commissioned also to teach theology, "but in such a manner," St. Francis distinctly wrote, " that the spirit of prayer be not extinguished either in yourself or in the other brethren." St. Anthony himself placed greater value in the salvation of souls than on learning. For that reason he never ceased to exercise his office as preacher despite his work of teaching.

The number of those who came to hear him was sometimes so great that no church was large enough to accommodate and so he had to preach in the open air. Frequently St. Anthony wrought veritable miracles of conversion. Deadly enemies were reconciled. Thieves and usurers made restitution. Calumniators and detractors recanted and apologized. He was so energetic in defending the truths of the Catholic Faith that many heretics returned to the Church. This occasioned the epitaph given him by Pope Gregory IX "the ark of the covenant."

In all his labors he never forgot the admonition of his spiritual father, St. Francis, that the spirit of prayer must not be extinguished. If he spent the day in teaching and heard the confession of sinners till late in the evening, then many hours of the night were spent in intimate union with God.

Once a man, at whose home St. Anthony was spending the night, came upon the saint and found him holding in his arms the Child Jesus, unspeakably beautiful and surrounded with heavenly light. For this reason St. Anthony is often depicted holding the Child Jesus.

St. Anthony's Death

In 1227 A. D., St. Anthony was elected Minister Provincial of the friars living in northern Italy. Thus he resumed the work of preaching. Due to his taxing labors and his austere penance, he soon felt his strength so spent that he prepared himself for death. After receiving the last sacraments he kept looking upward with a smile on his countenance. When he was asked what he saw there, he answered: "I see my Lord." He breathed forth his soul on June 13, 1231 A. D., being only thirty six year old. Soon the children in the streets of the city of Padua were crying: "The saint is dead, Anthony is dead."

Pope Gregory IX enrolled him among the saints in the very next year. At Padua, a magnificent basilica was built in his honor, his holy relics were entombed there in 1263 A. D. From the time of his death up to the present day, countless miracles have occurred through St. Anthony's intercession, so that he is known as the Wonder-Worker. In 1946 A. D. St. Anthony was declared a Doctor of the Church.




Parish Priest - Fr Brian Collins
Assistant Priest - Fr Sang Ho
Assistant Priest - Fr Firminus Wiryono SVD
Pastoral Associate - Vicki Russell
Pastoral Associate - Denise Lyons
School Principal (St Anthony’s) - Marg Batt
School Principal (Resurrection) - Jane Dunstone
Keysborough Learning Centre General Manager - Neil Cooper


On Thursday night, we celebrated and acknowledged the good work of all volunteers at St. Anthony's. We began with a prayer service of thanksgiving followed by a lovely supper. Thanks to all who attended; to those who were unable to attend, you were held in prayer.

St. Anthony's has a rich history of volunteers. I/We believe that, when Fr. Tony Feeney was Parish Priest, he with the Parish Pastoral Council, decided to purchase the two mini buses to provide transport to weekend Masses for parishioners with transport/ mobility issues. We have been very blessed over these years to have many volunteer bus drivers who have fulfilled this wonderful ministry and service. We now find ourselves in urgent need of two more bus drivers.  With sufficient drivers, they would be rostered to drive once a month. An ordinary Victorian Driver's Licence is required. This service is to assist people to attend the Sunday 9.30am or 11am Masses. The driver is required to collect the bus and key by 8.30am on the Sunday morning, and pick up the registered passengers so they can attend the 9.30am Mass and then drive them home. The same procedure occurs for the 11am Mass.  If you think you can assist us, please contact Jean-Claude on 9512 4750

Resurrection Parish are celebrating their annual International Kitchen this Sunday, in the school hall from midday.  As usual, there will be many cultural foods and dishes, and a celebration of the many wonderful cultures that make up Resurrection Parish and the district.  All are most welcome. Thank you to all who participate in this fabulous community day.  Special thanks to Hedy Carvalho (our Coordinator) and her dynamic committee – Christine Pierre, Patricia Baya and Kumar Siriwardene. Thanks for the many hours you have given in preparation for this wonderful community event.
At St. Anthony's this weekend, we are introducing Mass Coordinators at four of the Masses. The role of Mass Coordinator oversees all aspects of the Mass, enabling the Mass to flow without interruption. We are pleased to have the following parishioners take up this role for the next 12 months: at the 7pm Mass – Gordon Pinto, 8.15am – Carmel Martin, 9.30am – Suzan Tissera, and at the 11am – Cristy Calalang. A Mass Coordinator for the 5.30pm Mass will be announced in the near future.

This Sunday is 'Life, Marriage & Family Sunday' – an opportunity for all of us to remember and celebrate all that 'family' means for each of us. 'Family' is the place where we learn how to live life – learn to care, to forgive, to love, and to respect. As Bishop Mark Coleridge says, “The family matters absolutely. The family is the prime place where the young learn what it means to be a human being. That's the greatest art of all.' Copies of Pope Francis' Exhortation are in the church foyer. Please collect one as you leave today.

Denise will attend the annual Pastoral Associates Conference at Pallotti College from Sunday to Tuesday, presented by Bishop Terry Curtin on the Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation ‘The Joy of Love’.

Fr. Yon has settled in quickly, and as is common for new members of the Leadership Team, he has 'hit the ground running'. We've already discovered he is a quick learner, has a great sense of humour, a love for playing the guitar and singing, and a desire to serve God's people in whatever way he can. We congratulate him as he celebrates his first anniversary of priestly ordination this Monday. Blessings to you, Yon.

Have a lovely week,
Vicki, Yon, Denise, Brian, and Sang.


We the Parishioners of
St. Anthony’s Noble Park,
Believe we are called by Christ
to be the people of Prayer, Welcome,
Participation and Outreach.


• To gather each week to celebrate Eucharist
• To provide various opportunities to hear
God’s word and allow to shape our lives
• To encourage and to explore a variety
of expressions of Christian prayer
and spirituality
• To plan liturgies which nurture faith and
community life.

• To continually invite others to be involved
• To be a community that is welcoming,
supportive, caring, nurturing and positive
• To celebrate and respect the diversity and
richness and giftedness of our community.

• To encourage the gifts and potential in one another
• To offer a variety of opportunity from
gathering and socialising
• To seek open communication
• To develop effective networks and provide
opportunities for sponsoring, mentoring
and training
• To plan for the future with hope

...and Outreach
• To be responsive to the needs of individuals and groups in our Parish
• To collaborate with existing groups to identify and respond to local community needs.
• To be aware of the needs of the wider world and to determine an appropriate response.


St. Anthony,
patron of our parish,
loyal servant of God,
faithful follower of Jesus:

You taught by word and deed,
the message of the Gospel.

Teach us to live the Gospel
values as you did.

Enlighten our minds in search
of God's will.

Inspire us to be a
prayerful community,
ever reaching out to
and cherishing our neighbour.

Help us proclaim God's love
and live what we proclaim.



Tuesday 11th October
Liturgy Meeting - 7.30pm - StA
Plaques & Gardens - 7.30pm - Res

Wednesday 12th October
KLC Women’s Craft Group - Res
Parish Education Board - Res
Padua Editorial Team Meeting - 7pm StA

Thursday 13th October
Legion of Mary - 10.00am - Res

Saturday 15th October
Legion of Mary - 10am - StA


Tuesday 18th October

Reconciliation Meeting - 7.00pm - StA
KLC - 7.30pm - Res

Wednesday 19th October
Reconciliation Meeting - 7.00pm - Res
KLC Women’s Craft Group - Res

Thursday 20th October
Legion of Mary - 10.00am - Res

Friday 21st October
Bereavement Walking Group - 10.00am - StA
Evergreen - 10.30am - Res
RCIA - 7.00pm - Res

Saturday 22th October
Legion of Mary - 10am - StA


† We pray in thanksgiving for Kim Bright, Assunta Mammone, Merlin Fernandez, Kerry David Chamary, Lakhi Rozario, and those who have died recently in the peace of Christ.

† We pray for all those whose anniversaries occur at about this time: Hazel Brady, George Clark, Teresa Populin, Philomena Baxla, Jose Viegas, Fernanda & Fernando Viegas, Charmion Nugara, Richeline Ithier, Hyacinth Dirckze, Kenneth Dirckze, Mrs Anthonyamma, Mr Jamus, Mr Francis, Reynaldo Dizon.

† Please also pray for those who are sick especially:
Fr Paul Maher, Graham Harvey, Maria Mantella, Anthony Parsons, Nathan Bertolini, Vicki Russell, Pam Batchelor, Patrick Joseph Scanlon, Nobert Jeremiah, Cornita Hilderbrand, Trevor Gonsalves, Jim Helm, Brendan Randal, Nick Miller, Reuben Schulder, John Wilson, Sergio Bertolini, Dorothy Gray, Georgio Gagliarde, Lorraine De Silva, Minda Ortencio, Christin Shaiiju, San Pablo, Quion Dias, Ronda Rigg, Carol Wilson, Jean Baya, Anthony Cachart, Luckshmi Perera, Dorothy Gray, Rita Phillips, Gerard Petersen, Han Jingying, Marie McNerney, Loc Nguyen, Ryan Lloyd, Lise Toussaint, Jerico Falce, Grazia Bua Gianciarro, Jean Hart, Gerry Hemley, Russell Webster, Michelle Sebastian, John Doherty, Peter Agnelopoulos, Giovanna Tizio, Cherie Segers.


+ Charismatic Prayer Group meet in the Small Hall every Monday at 8.00pm.
+ St Anthony’s Novena every Tuesday at 7.00pm in the Church
+ Novena - Devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help follows the 7.00pm Mass in the Church on Wednesdays.
+ Divine Mercy of the Samoan Community every Thursday from 6.00pm in the Church.
+ Divine Mercy Devotion every Friday 2.45 pm in the Church
+ Knitting Group meet in the Gathering Space every Friday from 10-12am.
+ Sudanese Prayer Group meet every Friday evening at 6.30 in the Gathering Space.
+ Legion of Mary meet at the Parish Centre at 10.15am on Saturdays.

Thank you to all those who completed a card to pledge your financial support.
If you were away, or missed out on completing your pledge card, pledge cards are always available in the Sacristy waiting for you.
They can be filled in and put with the collection or brought home, filled in and returned later.
Even if you are a regular contributor, please complete a card so that all information is up to date.
Your commitment will help the parish to continue to support you. Thank you.


November 19th

We need the following items:


+ Cup Cake & Cake Pops Stall:  We want our parish teens to run this stall so if you have a teenager who could help out, please contact Denise at the Parish Office.

+ Groceries and Gift Vouchers:  Donations of non-perishable items and gift vouchers can be marked to the attention of Sorrel D'Silva.

+ Donations for Kids' Lucky Dip & Show Bags:  New items only please, marked to Deslene De Niese.

+ Donations for the Big Wheel:  Perhaps you have new items that you haven't used, or you might like to donate a new item.  Please mark to the attention of Sorrel D'Silva.

+ Books/CDs/DVDs Stall:  All items need to be in good condition please. Please bring these to the Hall from Monday 13/11/16.

+ Bric-a-Brac Stall:  Start cleaning out your cupboards. Please only donate items in good condition (send other items to the tip!). Please mark boxes/bags of donations as 'Bric-a-Brac'. Please also bring these to the Hall from Monday 13/11/16.


Thanks for your generosity.

+ CARNIVAL ENTERTAINMENT: This year we will have various performances on a stage in the quadrangle. If you would like to sing, dance, have your band/music group perform, do magic tricks, or do a cultural performance and/or song, please contact Star 0431.338.262. Members of our various cultural groups are encouraged to participate, as well as our young people, teens and children.

+ Next meeting for Food Stall Holders: Thursday 13th October at 7pm in Gathering Space

+ Next meeting for other Carnival stalls, etc:  Friday 14th October at 6pm in Parish Centre.


Does your volunteer work require you to come into contact with children?  If so please apply for a Working with Children Check.  All volunteers that help at the Resurrection and St Anthony's Parish please ensure that you have a valid Working with Children Check.  This is a legal requirement that Fr Brian needs to sign off and declare that all staff and volunteers have a current working with children check. If you do not have a working with children check please register for one online by going to:

www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au – It is free.

For those of you that already have a Working with Children check please ensure that it is up to date and valid.  Once you have received your card please forward a copy to Brook at Resurrection and Joseph at St Anthony's.  If you have any questions please contact the parish.

Men's Club
New Members welcome for our monthly meeting on the last Friday of the Month. No joining fee & your first drink is free! We have a TV for the footy & and something to eat every meeting. Come along & join us to see what we are about. Small Hall 8.00pm till late. Enquiries to Mike Molloy  9546 1739.


Volunteers are required to assist in cleaning the Church. Your commitment is required at a minimum of once a fortnight. If interested contact the Parish Centre on 9546 8276 leave your name and contact details. Thank you.

Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and Eucharist
Do you believe your child is eligible to receive a Sacrament in 2015? All children, attending Catholic, private & government schools are required to fill in an expression of interest form. Expression of interest forms for School age children Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are on the back table and should be filled in and returned next week. Thank you.

St Anthony's Grief Support Group will resume meeting on the third Wednesday of every month at 10:15am in the Parish Centre and repeated in the evening of the same day at 7:30pm in the Parish Centre.
If you are struggling with the death of a loved family member or close friend, have recently separated or divorced, relocated, lost your job, struggling with illness or any other major loss in your life, we invite you to join us on our journey of healing, compassion & friendship.
If you are interested in joining this group, please ring Maria Jones on 9792 4755 or 0414 520 488 (If you know of anyone who might benefit from this group, please extend an invitation).

Children's Liturgy
Children's Liturgy takes place every Sunday's 9.30am Mass, except school holidays. This caters for the needs of the younger members of the Parish, presenting them with the Word of God and activities appropriate for their age. We are inviting parents to bring their children. All welcome.

KAYEM PRAYER GROUP (Contemplative Prayer)
We meet every 1st Wednesday of the month. Anyone interested contact Kathryn 9548 4809

Dandenong Homework Tutoring Program
This program is a St Vincent de Paul and CatholicCare initiative. We are currently looking for volunteer tutors Mathematics or English to students in Years 5 to 8. Volunteers need to be available each Saturday from 9.30am till 12.30pm. Tutoring takes place at St Mary’s Primary School, Dandenong. No experience necessary. Training provided.
Please contact Michelle Pereira 0488 363 359
or dandenong.tutor@svdp-vic.org.au

Role Description: Tutoring basic English to new refugees and migrants. Qualifications: No formal qualifications or proficiency in a second language are required. Training: A free course is provided to all volunteers joining the program.  Commitment: 1 - 2 hrs per week (flexible times, evenings or during the day)
Benefits: Learn about new cultures, gain valuable experience to improve your employment opportunities, meet new people, socialise and widen your community networks, earn a certificate or change your career!
For more information contact: 8558 8804
or email: railicn@ames.net.au

Norah McCluskey runs an English Class for asylum seekers at the Noble Park Aquatic Centre. She is looking for volunteers for any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 10am - 12pm. Please contact her on: 0438 088 160.

Anyone who takes Communion to the sick, could you please put your name down and who you are taking Communion to. The book is in the sacristy marked (Communion to the sick).

Commonwealth Privacy Legislation protects the rights of people to privacy, including the sick. A person who is sick has the right not to have their condition mentioned publicly without their permission, including praying for them. The parish practice from now on requires written permission to print names in the Bulletin. Names for inclusion need to be dropped in to the parish office by 10:00 am on Thursday.

Sick, death or anniversary lists

FOR WEEKDAY MASSES INTENTIONS: There is a book/diary in the sacristy for the names of loved ones to be prayed for during a particular daily Mass are to be recorded.

FOR SATURDAY NIGHT/SUNDAY MASSES: The process for having loved ones placed in the newsletter and /or prayed for involves filling out a green/purple form and submitting it to the office by Thursday lunchtime. Names of the sick and death anniversaries received after this date will be included in the following week's newsletter. Obviously, the names of those who die after Thursday lunchtime can be submitted directly to the mass celebrant for inclusion in their prayers for the weekend Mass.

SICK LIST: Loved ones prayed for on the sick list will remain on the list for one month.  After one month, re-submission of all names of the sick is required.

ANNIVERSARY LIST: This list is for death anniversary only (i.e. yearly remembrance) and does not include birthday remembrance or non-annual remembrances (e.g. 40 day mind) For these intentions, the request for prayers will be given to the priests,  but not included in the published anniversary lists. 

We officially received a letter from the council that we can now park outside the church in Buckley St. The yellow Line has been blasted away. We must obey the signs which clearly mark what hours we can or cannot park. Carmel Martin