Saturday Vigil at 6.30pm

Sunday at 8.30am & 10.30am

South Sudanese Sunday Mass at 2.30pm


Tuesday - Mass at 9.30am

Wednesday - Communion Service at 9.30am

Thursday - Mass at 9.30am

Friday - Communion Service at 9.30am


1st & 3rd Saturday’s of the month: 10am



In grief, rituals play an important part in the healing process. Rituals provide order and meaning in our feelings of grief. They speak to our hearts, help us express our emotions and bring us comfort. Spiritual rituals, in particular, can bring unity and connection into our lives by helping us connect to a higher purpose or larger goal and can bring new meaning and purpose to our lives.

When we participate in sacred ritual as community, not only does it validate our grief but it provides us with a collective honouring of someone we love deeply. We also know we are not alone and are reminded that others have also experienced grief and uncertainty and they have carried on and lived meaningful lives. The heart of our grieving is about our love, our remembering and, ultimately, to find our way to live with our loss.

During November our Parishes of St. Anthony's and Resurrection place special significance on rituals that honour the memories of our loved family members and friends. We have our Parish Book of Remembrance which is displayed prominently on the sanctuary and at the beginning of Mass a member of our community is invited to light the Paschal candle which reminds us of Easter and Jesus' death and resurrection and our own journey from darkness into light .

In the final week of November we hold our Memorial Masses for both parishes. All those families who have lost a loved one during the year and whose funerals were celebrated in our parishes are invited to attend to honour and commemorate their loved one. We also welcome anyone who wishes to pray for and remember loved ones who have died. This Mass is a beautiful ritual that honours both our own grief and those we are remembering.

Resurrection's Memorial Mass is on Tuesday 29th November at 7.00 pm and St Anthony's is Wednesday 30th November at 7.00 pm.

Hope the week is kind to you

Maria, Brian, Neil & Vicki


This year at St Anthony's we are creating a new book to honour the names of our loved ones who have died. This will become a permanent November book for our Church. We are now asking for each Parishioner to please include the name and month of your loved one/s who have died.

Please fill in our new November form at each door of our Church, or fill in the electronic form with the link below.

As we will be receiving many names, we need them at your earliest convenience. This will be a big task getting this new book ready before November. Please start submitting your loved ones to us now. Thank You.


Our theme is "Follow the Star".

Was the Star of Peace something

you followed to Australia?

Was it the Star of Hope that brought you to Noble Park?

Did the Star of Love bring you to this parish?

Does the Star of Joy keep you here?

Do some thinking,

get your thoughts down,

and hand them in as soon as possible

so that your magazine is the best it can be!

Catechist and Sacramental Program 2023

Please click on the link below to enroll your child for a Sacrament in 2023 as well as our Catechist program.

Catechist Program

Our Catechist program is designed to prepare children who do not attend a Catholic school to receive the Holy Sacraments.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is for children in grade 3 who have already been baptised.

First Eucharist

The Sacrament of the First Eucharist is for children who have already received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is Sacrament is usually received in grade 4.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is usually received by children in grades 6 to 8.

If you have more than one child receiving a Sacrament this year, please fill out two separate forms.


Novena to Perpetual Succour will begin on 7 September 2022 and continue

every Wednesday at 7pm in the McKillop Chapel.

All are invited to this devotion to our Blessed Mother.


If you would like to receive a stall, please use this link -

If you would like to help on the day please use this link to register -

Our Lady of Fatima Statue

The Legion of Mary would like to offer families the opportunity to take Our Lady of Fatima statue home for a week.

If interested, please call Diana on 8511 4741 after 12.00 noon.

“Vicmates” for flood victims.

Several years ago we supported communities following fire and floods in Gippsland. We are inviting parishioners to contribute an item of toiletries or cleaning products (not food) during the month of November. Can you add an item to your shopping to support the people around Shepparton that have been impacted. Bring your items to either St Anthony's or Resurrection. Thanks.