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Fr Tony Feeney, celebrating 50 years of ordination and being ‘with’ the people

Fr Tony Feeney was the guest of honour at his former parish of St Anthony’s in Noble Park recently at a special celebration of the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. During the anniversary Mass, held on Trinity Sunday, 26 May, Fr Tony spoke about how humbled he felt and how moved he was to see so many come together to celebrate this ‘happy occasion’ with him. He shared that at the heart of his priesthood was Jesus, and the call to convey God’s unfailing love for his people by being with them, sharing in their hopes, joys and sorrows. 

Fr Tony Feeney was born and baptised into the Church in Liverpool, England. His family then moved to Wales, where he celebrated the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion, before moving back to England, where he was confirmed. In 1968, his family made ‘the big trip’, migrating to Australia.

Growing up, the Church was very much part of his ‘Irish Catholic’ upbringing. ‘Priests were regular visitors, dropping in for a chat, a cuppa (or something stronger) or to ask a favour of some member of the family,’ he says. ‘I suppose seeing priests as friends of the family, ordinary men with their own special calling, opened me to seeing priesthood not being a life removed from family life.’

We were a Catholic family, we prayed the Rosary, and as I said, priests were friends of the family; they were part and parcel of our Catholic family life.

Growing up, Fr Tony remembers playing ‘vocational games’ with his siblings, where they’d take it in turns to be the teacher one moment and the priest the next. ‘We weren’t a wealthy family, so you had to make your own fun. And with four sisters and two brothers, we always had enough people to do something.’

Reflecting on his path to the priesthood, he says, ‘We were a Catholic family, we prayed the Rosary, and as I said, priests were friends of the family; they were part and parcel of our Catholic family life.

‘At different times, I did think about being a priest but thought I wasn’t holy enough. I enjoyed the company of girls and I enjoyed dancing—there didn’t seem to be much time for that if one was a priest!’

He spoke with the late Fr Michael Fitzpatrick about his thoughts and doubts, and can remember him saying, ‘It is easier to go into the seminary to test out your “feelings” and to leave if things don’t work out alright than it is to enter marriage and then find out you have made a big mistake.’ So taking Fr Michael’s advice, he applied to and entered the seminary in 1966. In May of 1974, following his years of study, in his home parish of St Francis Xavier, Frankston, Fr Tony was ordained a priest by his uncle (related through marriage in his family), Bishop David Cremin, who at the time had only recently been ordained an auxiliary bishop in Sydney.

During his 50 years of ministry, Fr Tony served as assistant priest in Holy Child Parish in Dallas (1975–1978) and as assistant priest at St Mary’s in East St Kilda (1978–1982). Then, after four years working full-time in the Vocations Office (1982–1986), he was appointed assistant priest to St Anthony’s in Noble Park (1986–1990).

In 1990, he was appointed as parish priest to St Clare’s, Thomastown (1990–1999), before returning to St Anthony’s in Noble Park as parish priest (1999–2011). In 2011, he was appointed as parish priest to Holy Saviour Parish in Glen Waverley North (2011–2014), before being asked to be parish priest in St Monica’s Parish, Moonee Ponds. Retired since 2023, Fr Tony now lives in Brunswick West and helps with celebrating Mass in the Essendon parish.

The whole of the Scriptures call me, call all of us, not to go about judging myself, or others, on whether I am the perfect person—or priest—but to focus on the Lord and on him as our Way, our Truth and our Life.

Speaking of his call to the priesthood, Fr Tony says that a number of key passages from John’s Gospel have helped him stay ‘on course’, including ‘I have called you’ and ‘You did not choose me. No, I chose you.’ Then there is also ‘the phrase Jesus seems to speak so often, “Be not afraid!” Stop looking around and worrying. Just follow me. “I am your Way, your Truth and your Life”’ (John14:6).

‘Another reassuring word comes from Paul’s letter to the Romans, where he says there is nothing that can come between us, no imagined thing, real thing, thing to come, that can come between us and the love of God made visible in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:38). That has been a cornerstone for me.

‘These words and indeed the whole of the Scriptures call me, call all of us, not to go about judging myself, or others, on whether I am the perfect person—or priest—but to focus on the Lord and on him as our Way, our Truth and our Life. This is and has been the cornerstone of ministry as a priest to and for the people of God.

‘St Paul tells all of us we are earthenware vessels carrying a treasure made of gold. The treasure has been entrusted to us to pass on, to speak of, to try and witness to in our lives.’

During the Mass, Fr Tony told those who had gathered for the anniversary celebration, ‘I am ordained a priest for you. We are here for one another, not to lord it over each other, but to serve him who has called all of us, unworthy at times though we may be. That is how he has called us.’

Being present to the people and being a sign of God’s love has been key. ‘We [priests] don’t always have the words. We don’t always have the answers. We walk by faith, as do the people. And we nourish that in Word and in sacrament so that we can be more and more present with the people.’

I’ve met so many amazing people along the way, and I have been encouraged and inspired by their faith. I have so much to be thankful for.

Fr Tony says he’s grateful for his parents and family, who introduced him to the Church. He is grateful for the support and faith of the many priests and bishops along the way who have encouraged him. And he is grateful above all for the many parishioners who have ministered to him these past 50 years.

‘I’ve met so many amazing people along the way, and I have been encouraged and inspired by their faith. I have so much to be thankful for—for all there has been and for all there is yet to come.’

Reading from Pope Francis’ A Gift of Joy and Hope, Fr Tony shared the following words to summarise his sentiments:

What I know is that God gives us stories. In his genius and mercy, he takes our triumphs and failures and weaves beautiful tapestries that are full of irony. The reverse side of the fabric may look messy, with its tangles of threads—the events of our lives—and it may well be that this side is what we dwell on in times of doubt. But the right side of the tapestry shows a magnificent story, and this is the side that God sees.

‘In some way, celebrating my 50 years of priesthood was a celebration not of the tangles of my ministry, but a celebration of the beauty and richness that God has woven in and through my priestly ministry.’

Written by: Fiona Basile 

Melbourne Catholic


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