Saturday Vigil at 6.30pm

              Sunday at 8.30am & 10.30am 

South Sudanese Sunday Mass at 2.30pm


Tuesday - Mass at 9.30am

Wednesday - Communion Service at 9.30am

Thursday - Mass at 9.30am 

Friday - Communion Service at 9.30am


1st & 3rd Saturday’s of the month: 10am


Year A


1st Reading: Acts 8:5-8, 14-17; 2nd Reading: 1 Peter 3:15-18; Gospel: John 14:15-21 


Monday  Closed / Tuesday – Friday  9.00am-1.00pm (all other times leave a message on the phone)

 Members of Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Dandenong Deanery

Please click on the link below to enrol your child for a Sacrament in 2023 as well as our Catechist program.

If your child attends a government or private school, we require your child to enrol in our Catechist program as well as the Sacramental program. A child in our Catechist program will complete the program for a full year before making a sacrament.

If you have more than one child receiving a Sacrament this year, please fill out two separate forms. 

Please note: all meetings will be starting at 7.00 pm.


Catechist Program

Our Catechist program is designed to prepare children who do not attend a Catholic school to receive the Holy Sacraments.  Our Dates for the meetings in 2023 are as follows - 

Term 1

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 7 February - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 21 March - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 2 

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 9 May - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 20 June - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 3 

Parents Meeting - Tuesday,25 July - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 29 August - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 4

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 3 October - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 21 November - Resurrection church Little chapel

First Eucharist

The Sacrament of the First Eucharist is for children who have already received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This Sacrament is usually received in grade 4.

Meeting dates

St. Anthony’s and Resurrection parishes combined.

Parents meeting  - Tuesday 28 February

Parent and Child meeting  - Tuesday 28 March


Children in grades 6 to 8 usually receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Meeting dates

Parents Meeting

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection  - Tuesday 6 June at St. Anthony's Mackillop Chapel

Parent and child meeting 

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection - Tuesday 11 July at Resurrection Little Chapel

Confirmation Retreat day - 

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection -  Thursday 17 August at Resurrection Little Chapel

Bishop's Visit

St. Anthony's - Thursday, 24 August

Resurrection - Friday, 25 August

Confirmation Ceremony

St. Anthony’s - Saturday, 26 August

Resurrection - Sunday, 27 August


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is for children in grade 3 who have already been baptised.

Meeting dates - 

Parents Meeting 

St. Anthony’s - Tuesday 5 September

Resurrection - Tuesday 12 September 

Parent and child meeting

Resurrection - Tuesday 10 October

St. Anthony’s - Tuesday 17 October



Our Grief Support Group is beginning again at St. Anthony's and Resurrection on the 2nd and 4th Thursday day of the month. Our first meeting is on Thursday 9th March at 10.30 in the Parish Centre at St Anthony's.

If you are struggling with the death of a loved family member or friend, we invite you to join us on our journey of healing, compassion and friendship. If you are interested in coming along to the group or would like more information, please ring Maria Jones on 0414 520 488. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this support, please extend an invitation . 

St Anthony’s Flowers 

Have you got a talent in arranging flowers for our church. You would be on a roster. You also would receive money to buy the flowers. Please ring Carmel 0409 358 683 for a chat. Thanks for your support in this matter.

Legion of Mary:

The Legion of Mary will be conducting a recruitment drive at St Anthony’s Church, Noble Park and Resurrection Church, Keysborough on the weekend of 25th and 26th February. Both parishes have had active Legionaries for many years and are looking to recruit additional members to continue and expand our apostolic work and service to the community.

The Legion was founded in Ireland in 1921 as an apostolic organisation for lay men and women of all ages, at the service of the Church. It now has 3 million members throughout the world. The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the personal holiness of its members and active co-operation in the work of the Church. We seek to develop our personal holiness through prayer and active spiritual work in assisting and reaching out to others in the parish, particularly those who are sick, lonely or bereaved.

Legionaries look to our Blessed Mother Mary as our model for our lives. We aspire after Mary’s humility, obedience, sweetness, continual prayer, patience, wisdom, self-sacrificing courageous love of God and above all her faith.

We work in close union with the priest, in pastoral duties which includes visitation to the homes of parishioners, visitation of the sick in their homes and in nursing homes, taking Holy Communion to the housebound and the teaching of religious instruction to children.

To find out more about the Legion of Mary, please speak to us after Mass on February25th and 26th.


We need 3 more people to vacuum the Church. You would be on a roster once a month, either a Friday or Saturday. Please give Carmel a ring on 0409 358 683. Thank you.


- Monday, 15 May - Charismatic Prayer Group - 7.30 (STA) 

- Tuesday, 16 May - KLC Community RRS Program 1.30pm

- Tuesday, 16 May  - SVD Meeting - 7pm (STA)

- Tuesday, 16 May - KLC Committee Meeting - 7.30pm

- Thursday, 18 May - RCIA - 7pm - (RES)

- Sat/Sun, 20/21 May - First Eucharist Ceremony - All Masses (RES)


- Tuesday, 23 May - KLC Community RRS Program 1.30pm

- Tuesday, 23 May  - STAR-Action 7pm in the Little Chapel (RES)

- Wednesday, 24 May - Liturgy Meeting (STA)

- Thursday, 25 May - Baptism Meeting (RES)

- Friday, 26 May - Resurrection Feast Dance, 7.00pm - 11pm

- Friday, 16 June - St Anthony’s Feast Dance, 6.30pm - 11pm  


Corpus Christi College Seminary trains our Diocesan Priests. While in formation, we first commit ourselves to the Diocese at our Ordination as transition Deacon. This usually takes place the year before we are ordained a priest. During our formation we celebrate minor orders Acolyte and Lector. This Sunday 11am Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dominic and two other seminarians will be accepted into the Ministry of Acolyte, which is to assist in the ministry at the Altar, assisting the deacon and priest. Dominic, congratulations on being called to this ministry. May you continue to hear God’s invitation in your formation.



Opening and Blessing of Administration Building  by Bishop  Tony Ireland.

Thursday, 25th May 2023 at 10.00am St Anthony’s school. RSVP  by 18th May 2023.



Friday, 26th May 2023 from 7.00pm to 11.00pm  at St Anthony's Big Hall, 90 Buckley Street, Noble Park. Western Smorgasbord. BYO Drinks. Tickets: $55 per adult, $30 per child between 5 & 12 years. $5 per child under 5 requiring a chair. Contact the Parish office on 9701 5899 or Philo on 0400 855 356. 



Friday, 16th June 2023 from 6.30pm to 11.00pm 

at St Anthony's Big Hall, 90 Buckley Street, Noble Park. Tickets: $50 per adult, $25 per child between 6 and 10 years, under 5: free.

BYO Drinks. Two Course Buffet & nibbles. Contact Parish office 9546 8276 /Maria Jones 0414 520 488/Mary Griscti 0412 832 877. 



Tuesday 20th June 2023 at 7pm by Bishop Tony Ireland, refreshments in the Big Hall afterwards. Please reserve this date.


PADUA - JUNE EDITION - How are you going with your article for our June edition of Padua?

Thank you to those who have already submitted one. The shepherding theme is strong.

To give you some ideas, you might think about any person who has been a good influence on you regarding your personal or professional life. Maybe your best friend, or a work mate or a teacher who helped you make decisions to fulfill your dreams.

Many parishioners from migrant backgrounds could share the story of how their family made the decision to leave their 'home' country for Australia. All these stories make us the vibrant interesting place that we are!

Looking forward to your shepherding stories.