Saturday Vigil at 6.30pm

              Sunday at 8.30am & 10.30am 

South Sudanese Sunday Mass at 2.30pm


Tuesday - Mass at 9.30am

Wednesday - Communion Service at 9.30am

Thursday - Mass at 9.30am 

Friday - Communion Service at 9.30am


1st & 3rd Saturday’s of the month: 10am


Year A


1st Reading: Ezekiel 18:25-28  - 2nd Reading: Philippians 2:1-11  - Gospel: Matthew 21:28-32   


Monday  Closed / Tuesday – Friday  9.00am-1.00pm (all other times leave a message on the phone)

 Members of Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Dandenong Deanery

 Child Protection Week (4-9 September)

 And Safeguarding Sunday (10 September)


Child Protection Week is a national campaign held each year to raise awareness of child-abuse prevention in our communities.

Child Protection Week is a good time for us to think about how we, as adults, can address some of these issues that affect children and to consider how we can change things to make a difference. 

In the Catholic Church, Child Protection Week is highlighted through Safeguarding Sunday, which falls this year on 10 September. Safeguarding Sunday seeks to acknowledge the immense damage caused by the sexual abuse of children and adults at risk, including by priests, religious and lay people within Catholic contexts. It makes a commitment to practices and protocols that create and maintain safe environments for all people. It invites people to pray for those harmed by abuse directly and indirectly. 

Everyone in the community is encouraged to listen and respond to concerns about child abuse. If you suspect abuse of any child or vulnerable adult, you have a responsibility to report it.  


Working with Children’s Check at St Anthony’s and Resurrection

The Catholic Church encourages all volunteers at STA and Resurrection to apply for a Working with Children’s Check. Some of our newest volunteers may not have yet provided their Working with Children’s Check to the office and some may have let their card expire (especially if you did not provide an email address to trigger a reminder email).

How to apply:

Google – Working with Children’s Check Victoria and follow the prompts. There is no cost for volunteers – You need to fill out that you are a volunteer at Resurrection or Saint Anthony’s, but you can specify both if you volunteer over both parishes. If you need assistance, please contact the parish.

Safeguarding Essentials online training module

Volunteers are also required to complete the Safeguarding Essentials online training module. Details will be in the bulletin – please be aware that sometimes the system can be down for upgrades. For those who do not have a computer or computer skills, there are some Group Training sessions being organised at St Anthony’s on 3rd, 5th and 7th of October – more details will be available in the bulletin over coming weeks.




Please click on the link below to enrol your child for a Sacrament in 2023 as well as our Catechist program.

If your child attends a government or private school, we require your child to enrol in our Catechist program as well as the Sacramental program. A child in our Catechist program will complete the program for a full year before making a sacrament.

If you have more than one child receiving a Sacrament this year, please fill out two separate forms. 

Please note: all meetings will be starting at 7.00 pm.


Catechist Program

Our Catechist program is designed to prepare children who do not attend a Catholic school to receive the Holy Sacraments.  Our Dates for the meetings in 2023 are as follows - 

Term 1

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 7 February - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 21 March - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 2 

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 9 May - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 20 June - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 3 

Parents Meeting - Tuesday,25 July - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 29 August - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 4

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 3 October - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 21 November - Resurrection church Little chapel

First Eucharist

The Sacrament of the First Eucharist is for children who have already received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This Sacrament is usually received in grade 4.

Meeting dates

St. Anthony’s and Resurrection parishes combined.

Parents meeting  - Tuesday 28 February

Parent and Child meeting  - Tuesday 28 March


Children in grades 6 to 8 usually receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Meeting dates

Parents Meeting

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection  - Tuesday 6 June at St. Anthony's Mackillop Chapel

Parent and child meeting 

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection - Tuesday 11 July at Resurrection Little Chapel

Confirmation Retreat day - 

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection -  Thursday 17 August at Resurrection Little Chapel

Bishop's Visit

St. Anthony's - Thursday, 24 August

Resurrection - Tuesday, 22 August

Confirmation Ceremony

St. Anthony’s - Saturday, 26 August

Resurrection - Sunday, 27 August


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is for children in grade 3 who have already been baptised.

Meeting dates - 

Parents Meeting 

St. Anthony’s - Tuesday 5 September

Resurrection - Tuesday 12 September 

Parent and child meeting

Resurrection - Tuesday 10 October

St. Anthony’s - Tuesday 17 October


Our Grief Support Group is beginning again at St. Anthony's and Resurrection on the 2nd and 4th Thursday day of the month. Our first meeting is on Thursday 9th March at 10.30 in the Parish Centre at St Anthony's.

If you are struggling with the death of a loved family member or friend, we invite you to join us on our journey of healing, compassion and friendship. If you are interested in coming along to the group or would like more information, please ring Maria Jones on 0414 520 488. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this support, please extend an invitation. 

Combined Catholic Parishes Raffle - 2023

Tickets are now on sale after weekend Masses. Books available from parish office during open office hours.  Please support this parish fundraiser. Each $2 ticket sold gives our parish $1.50 profit. Thank you for your support for the raffle. So many people are supporting this fund raising effort for the parish. If you have sold all your tickets, please bring the money and book back as soon as you can. Just hand it in to one of the sellers at Mass, or during the week to the parish office. There are more tickets available if you need them. Thanks.


ST ANTHONY'S CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP is celebrating their 46th anniversary with a thanksgiving mass on Tuesday 10 October 2023 at 9.30 am. Songs of Praise and thanksgiving will begin at 9.15am followed by Mass at 9.30am, celebrated by Fr Brian Collins. We gladly welcome all to join us.


VCE exams commence in November. and we wish all VCE students the best in their studies. If you would like to be prayed for or you know of a student who is studying VCE this year, then we ask that you complete a VCE Prayer slip OR complete the online Google Form on our parishes website or To save postage, it is preferable that we send VCE letters via email, however a postal option is also available online. Note that in sending letters via email, please ensure you obtain the student's permission. Paper slips can be found at church entrance and returned in the sacristy afterwards.



If you wish your deceased loved one to be listed in our Remembrance Book for the month of November, please enter their name via the link: or fill in the forms left at the church door entrances. Names must be submitted no later than TUESDAY 24TH OCTOBER. Please note, if you entered the names last year they will already be recorded and don't need to be listed again.

(Click on the photo to read online or to download a pdf copy)



click on the word Star-Action to view the official page

About Us:

We started in 2019 as a small group of concerned parishioners who had an interest in Social Justice issues. 

Our group consists of members from both parishes in a combined effort of outreach to those in need.

Recognising the role of St Vincent de Paul’s and other wonderful organisations, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but instead assist other groups.

For example,

In our short history the group has:

In the future we hope to continue to respond to the needs of the parish and community.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Parish Centre at Resurrection.

Next meeting : TUESDAY MAY 23, 2023 

Come join us!

 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist, author and speaker

For your information and further reading: 

Take a look through the following websites