Fr Brian Collins

from 2014 until now

St Anthony's and Resurrection Parish Priest


1908 first settlers came to Noble Park approximately 3 years later first Catholic families arrived.

1918 saw the first Catholic Mass celebrated in Noble Park by Fr Francis Merner from St Mary's.

1919 saw the people of Noble Park purchase a block of land in Joy Parade, Noble Park (where the existing Uniting Church now stands).

1921 - with Fr Merner still coming from Dandenong, a Church hall, was built from second hand bricks purchased from Spencer Street Railway.

August 27, 1922 Archbishop Mannix blessed and opened the Church/hall which was placed under the patronage of St Anthony of Padua.

Early in the 1930s the first migrant families arrived - all Italian. It was the start of what is now, large multicultural parish.

1926 Fr Tom Little (uncle of Archbishop Frank Little) replaced Fr Merner at Dandenong.

The great depression of 1929 came and ravaged Noble Park, which became fondly known as "Struggle Town". During this difficult time, the community supported each other and deep friendships were formed.

1936 Fr Sylvester Keane was appointed as Parish Priest of the newly named Parish of St Joseph's, Springvale, which also was to include St Anthony's Noble Park. With this move from Dandenong to Springvale came the joy of having Mass celebrated in Noble Park weekly.

1944 Fr Keane transferred and Fr Timothy O'Sullivan appointed as Parish Priest of Springvale in 1945.

1948 Fr O'Sullivan purchased the block of land in Leonard Avenue where the second St Anthony's Church was to be built.

1950 Fr O'Sullivan departed Springvale and Fr Tom Elliot arrived. Fr Elliot continued on the work of Fr O'Sullivan helping the people of St Anthony's prepare to become a Parish in their own right.

1952 Archbishop Mannix again visit St Anthony's Parish to bless the foundation stone of the new Church school in Leonard Avenue in which Fr Elliot celebrated the first Mass at Midnight on Christmas Eve 1952.

February 1955 a proud day for Noble Park Catholics, our Parish School opened, staffed by the Brigidine Sisters.

Australia Day, 1956 St Anthony's becomes a Parish and we welcome our Parish Priest, Fr Leo Tellefson.

1957 Fr Tellefson purchases a five-acre site in Buckley Street, Noble Park from the Ermacora family - the site of our present Parish complex. Fr Tellefson fondly named his parishioners "The Nobles" because of their faith, hard work and generosity.

1961 St Anthony's Church number three is constructed. Archbishop Justin Simonds blesses and opens the new Church.

In 1969 Fr Tellefson takes up an appointment at Maidstone and Fr Paul Maher arrives as our new Parish Priest.

1972 saw the building of a new Presbytery in Buckley Street to replace the old timber Presbytery in Leonard Avenue.

November 13, 1977 Archbishop Little comes to bless our present Church (St Anthony's Church number 4) - the first building that has been constructed solely as a Church, a place of prayer and gathering of God's people in Noble Park.

1986, After his 17 years as Parish Priest of St Anthony's, Fr Maher takes up a new appointment. St Anthony's Parish welcomed Fr Terry Kean as our new Parish Priest. With Fr Terry came, many new initiatives and the moving of the Parish Administrations to a newly refurbished Parish Centre.

The formation of people: faith and ministry was central to so much of Fr Terry's time at Noble Park. During his time, we were privileged to have the help of a number of gifted Pastoral Associates to work with us. It was a particular joy for the Parish to renew its connection with the Brigidine Sisters with Sr Claire Griffin appointed Pastoral Associate in 1994.

1998 Another change in Parish Priests with the arrival of Fr Tony Feeney - not a complete stranger to the Parish, having been an assistant priest under Fr Maher and Fr Kean from 1984 - 1988.

2000 Archbishop Hart blesses our Church refurbishments and new Parish Gathering Space.

2005 plans are put into place for a big year of construction during our Parish Jubilee Year - refurbishment of the school, construction of new house for the priests, transformation of the "old presbytery" into new Parish Centre, and upgrading of Big Hall toilets and entry. These works are still a work in progress.

St Anthony's continues to grow and to be a "first post of call" Parish for many of the new arrivals in our country, the latest being refugees from the Horn of Africa (Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea)

Over our 50 years as a Parish people from many nationalities and backgrounds have come to make St Anthony's their Parish and have contributed to our richness in faith, hope and love - the greatest of all these being love, especially Love of the God who has blessed us, and continues to bless us, so abundantly.