Please click on the link below to enrol your child for a Sacrament in 2023 as well as our Catechist program.

If your child attends a government or private school, we require your child to enrol in our Catechist program as well as the Sacramental program. A child in our Catechist program will complete the program for a full year before making a sacrament.

If you have more than one child receiving a Sacrament this year, please fill out two separate forms. 

Catechist Program

Our Catechist program is designed to prepare children who do not attend a Catholic school to receive the Holy Sacraments.  Our Dates for the meetings in 2023 are as follows - 

Term 1

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 7 February - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 21 March - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 2 

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 9 May - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 20 June - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 3 

Parents Meeting - Tuesday,25 July - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 29 August - Resurrection church Little chapel

Term 4

Parents Meeting - Tuesday, 3 October - St. Anthony’s church

Parent and child meeting - Tuesday 21 November - Resurrection church Little chapel

First Eucharist

The Sacrament of the First Eucharist is for children who have already received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This Sacrament is usually received in grade 4.

Meeting dates

St. Anthony’s and Resurrection parishes combined.

Parents meeting  - Tuesday 28 February

Parent and Child meeting  - Tuesday 28 March


Children in grades 6 to 8 usually receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Meeting dates

Parents Meeting

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection  - Tuesday 6 June at St. Anthony's Mackillop Chapel

Parent and child meeting 

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection - Tuesday 11 July at Resurrection Little Chapel

Confirmation Retreat day - 

St. Anthony’s & Resurrection -  Thursday 17 August at Resurrection Little Chapel

Bishop's Visit

St. Anthony's - Thursday, 24 August

Resurrection - Tuesday, 22 August

Confirmation Ceremony

St. Anthony’s - Saturday, 26 August

Resurrection - Sunday, 27 August


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is for children in grade 3 who have already been baptised.

Meeting dates - 

Parents Meeting 

St. Anthony’s - Tuesday 5 September

Resurrection - Tuesday 12 September 

Parent and child meeting

Resurrection - Tuesday 10 October

St. Anthony’s - Tuesday 17 October

Please note: all meetings will be starting at 7.00 pm 

Please email for further information.